Vicki Howie

Storytelling Tips

Do consider including  'storytime' at your toddler group.  It will introduce the children to the wonderful world of books and bring the adults and children together in a shared activity which might also include songs, rhymes, mimes and a short prayer on a chosen theme.

Some practical tips

Your storytelling voice

Telling a story in your own words

If you are going to make up your own story, keep it short as young children have a limited  attention span.  They won't listen to your story unless they understand it, so:

Telling a bible story

There is a tendancy to tell a bible story in a bland way.  Try to tell it in just as entertaining a way as you would any other story, referring to the tips given above.
 In particular:

Using visual aids

You might like to illustrate your story with some brightly coloured objects or toys.  Bring them out of a basket (such as an old picnic hamper) or the pockets of a story apron at the relevant moments

Whatever you do, have fun telling the story.  Everyone will appreciate your efforts and the children will have taken in far more than you think!

An Example

Here’s the nativity story that I demonstrated when I spoke at the 2013 Playtime National Conference in Tonbridge. The organisers wanted me to do a simple story that anyone could tell.